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Very few people understand the differences between a day spa, a spa and destination spa. So let me clarify. A day spa is just like it sounds. You go for the day -- or of course an hour or more and have assorted treatments like facials, massages, manicures, etc. A spa is usually an adjunct to a hotel  where a hotel calls it self blah blah hotel & Spa. There is usually is a fitness center and a service area for pampering. A destination spa is where you bliss out for days at a time with proper nutrition, exercise and pampering.

There are only two of these really worth your time and money in California: The Golden Door in Escondido, and Cal-A-Vie in Vista. Since this is my blog and I can be subjective and say that the Golden Door is the best, the penultimate, unrivaled spa in the world. Why you ask? Because there is no other facility that offers a seven day program that rejuvenates, revitalizes and renews your mind, body and spirit like the Door. Founded in 1958 by doyenne of spa, Deborah Szekely, the Door constantly undergoes fine tuning. We're not talking trendy gimmicks here, we're talking keeping up with modern findings.

I have been making annual pilgrimages to the Door for more than 20 years. My meltdown begins the minute I arrive on Sunday and continues until I check out the following Sunday.  The serene Japanese Honjin Inn decor combined with a handpicked fitness staff, top quality estheticians, amazing spa cuisine, and dreamy rooms that are kept impeccable throughout the day by attendants who slip in and out when you're not looking.

Days begin with a choice of hike that range from moderate to heavy duty. In between are every physical fitness activity known to the industry coupled with ultimate pampering like in-room massage, facial, herbal wraps, body scrubs and more. You are pummeled to a pulp, whittled down to size, de-toxed, energized and spiritually uplifted. Need I say more? Well okay. As mentioned the food is delicious, gourmet, low-cal, low-fat, light on salt and filling. It's not a diet, but a new nutritional direction for most people. Got to go now, but I promise more later.




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