Feeling great, smelling good

I discovered the perfect beauty tool: Light Tweez from Angelica Beauty-- a precision tweezer with a little light that provides perfect illumination to extract eye brow or other facial hairs. More than just a tweezer, the attractive black and gold lipstick-like tube fits in your purse like a fashion accessory. The tube retails for about $20, but tell them you saw it on Patti's Prattles and they just might give you a discount. Call: 888/393.9911 or go to: www.lighttweez.com.  

Bathe in Luxury

Just received a fabulous gift. It's called Spongelle. A pink, heart shaped sponge, that contains luxurious fragrances of bergamot, lemongrass, sea kelp and olive oil, that bursts into a luscious creamy cleanser when wet.  It feels and smells so good. A perfect present for any occasions Spongellescan turn an ordinary bath into a pamper session. Available in department stores, beauty supply shops nd boutiques, they come infive, 10 and 30 washes steeped with papaya, sandalwood, lilyo f the valley, gren tea, peony, cassis, French lavender, Meyer lemon, ginger, citrus and/or  musk www.spongelle.com.


Aloha!  I’m so excited about Pure Hapa, a luxuriant line of cosmetics based on natural products from Hawaii created by native Hawaiian Nadyne Keala Orona. Created from natural ingredients such as papaya, Japanese Azuki beans, botanicals and essential oils, the heavenly-scented products glide over your skin like silk. The facial serum perks up the complexion almost immediately, while the sugar cane body scrub works miraculously to reduce dry skin. The sweet pineapple sugar cream or Haupla orange soufflé body cream leave your body tingling and soft as a baby’s bottom (apply immediately after bathing or showering for best results). They even have an aromatic candle made of green tea, jasmine and soy wax to enhance any mood. (Light it in the bathroom or bedroom). I am truly ecstatic about this line, which is available on the Internet at www.purehapa.com.  If you want to look and feel fresh and silky all over this is the line for you.




Marvelous Makeup

Eureka! I just found the perfect foundations and I do mean penultimate. One Is a satin matte finish from alima that brushes on and covers up in one swell swoop. It's amazing. You can't believe it's makeup. It leaves your face looking freshly scrubbed with any flaws hidden safely behind this mineral based cosmetic. The company has a full line of mineral based makeup. www.alimacosmetics.com

I hate so sound fickle but I also discovered Emani, another natural mineral-based makeup line that works like a charm.I packed the mineral foundation powder in my gym bag and I use for a quick coverup after my steam and shower. It beats brings liquid foundation and all the rest and it looks completely natural. The company carries powders, bronzers, eye shadows, blushes and brushes--all natura and luscious. www.emani.com or 800/340.4545. Both products are reasonably-priced yet fabulous.


Model In A Bottle

It may not make you like a fashion model, but Model In A Bottle certainly helps keep your makeup looking great all day long. This remarkable formula makes your makeup snap to life,  moisturizes, absorbs excess oil, and leaves your skin looking fresh and clean with a light translucent matte finish and smells great, too. I love the stuff. I sprayed my face a few minutes ago and it glows and the aroma is heady.  It's a snap to use. Just spray your face after each makeup application, be sure to close your eyes and keep them shut for a few seconds, and voila your face will have a healthy glow. Don't worry about your mascara, it won't run, I don't know how they accomplish this but it works. Suggested retail is $18.  www.modelinabottle.com, 888-444-5045.

Fabulous Facials:

Louise Bianco earned the moniker,  "facialist to the stars", more than two decades ago when the creme de la creme of Hollywood flocked to her Beverly Hills for her famous "contouring facials".  She's still helping to keep famous faces looking good while running a thriving cosmetics company. I've been using her products for years and they really work. Right now I am trying out her Ultra Renew Collagen Repair Wrinkle Defense Gel which Louise claims will reduce or even erase those tiny lines around my mouth and eyes. I've onlybeen applying the product for a week and so far so good, but it's not perfect, yet.  However I trust in Louise. Stay tuned. Other Bianco products include Microsomes--a vitaminrich formula which when used twice daily helps maintain elasticity and firmness; Nanocomples Skin Intensive--a delicate exfoliator that helps shed old, dry, dully skin layers;  eye contour creme laced with millet seed and chamomile that helps defy the aging process by keeping that delicate area line free. While all these products help reduce lines and wrinkles, if you start using them early enough they might just keep them from forming. . Check out Louise Bianco at www.louisebianco.com, or call 800-732-3067, or  if  you live anywhere in the greater Los Angeles make an appointment for one of her results-oriented facials by calling 818-786-2700, tell her Patti sent you.

Just sampled a great product line called P8N8 that made my face glow instantly. According to the company it’s the “atomic oxygen formula” that does the trick.  The name comes from the eight protons and eight neutrons found in oxygen.  I can attest to the benefits of oxygen since I just had an oxygen facial from Louise Bianco and my face looked 10 years younger instantly. This product line employs a similar premise but you don’t have leave home to get the benefit. Other elements in his product line are Japanese green tea, vitamins A and E, enzymes and peptides, which work in unison with oxygen for added results. If you have blotchy, sun damaged or aging skin this is the line for you. Check out: www.P8N8skincare.com

Wow! Just tried a makeup that made me tingle. It's Glomierals glosheer tint base which feels and looks like a new skin. I'm talking complete coverage without looking made up and what's more it's good for your skin. The company makes lipsticks, blush, eye shadow, lip penci and other tools of the trade. Products contain antioxidents and  UV protection.  Check it out at www.glominerals.com

I feel like a kid at a cosmetic’s counter. All these nifty products are cropping up. Another super collection is ClearChoice.  I jut tried the Vita C+B complex; Iso Eye Cream and the Elimaderm Serum and the results were phenomenal. This stuff really works as an almost instant rejuvenation. The secret’s in the ingredient: soy, Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba, green tea, and other exotic elixirs that work together to produce a flawless complexion.  They also have a Stretch Mark & Scar Therapy product which I’m sampling as we speak. The company says it takes acouple of weeks to see any benefits.  Will let you know the results.  If you’re an acne sufferer, ClearChoice has the perfect remedy.  Go to: www.dermastart.com, or call: 866-566-8858 to find a physician or medi-spa near you that carries the products.


For all you gals who still shave as opposed to waxing, Kiss My Face recently introduced a terrific new product that leaves your legs, underarms and bikini area baby soft. Kiss My Face Moisture Shave helps your razor glide over your skin preventing nicks and cuts and even leaving your tub looking good. It comes in cool mint, key lime, patchouli, vanilla, and lavender and for those of you who don’t like scents, fragrance free.  What’s more it’s cheap at about $6 for four ounces. Try it you’ll love it. For more information go to www.kissmyface.com 

Beauty comes from within and Olay, the company that’s brought us low cost but effective skin care products for years recently introduced a line of vitamins and nutritional supplements especially for women. The products are designed to put our best faces forward with antioxidants that battle what the company calls “the seven signs of aging”.  There’s a complete Woman’s Multivitamin pack, Daily Energy Pack, and 50- plus for females of a certain age. And they are reasonably priced from $8.99 to $14.99.  And if you’re getting married Olay has the perfect prescription for looking your best on the big day. For the Bride they suggest Green Tea Extract to reduce puffy eyes, Omega 3/6 that increases radiance, Biotin for shiny hair, strong nails and healthy skin, Vitamin A Retinol/Beta Carotene for an even skin tone and B Vitamins for energy and to combat all that stress. Olay even has a few tips for the groom such as Vitamin E for his skin, Ginseng to enhance energy, Ester C to improve the skin, Copper to Detox the body and Selenium for a young, healthy glow. Hey can’t hurt.  By the way Olay’s cleansers and moisturizers may cost less but I have found them as effective as higher priced brands. Olay is available in most super markets and drug stores throughout the country. For more information go to www.OlayVitamins.com or call 800/710.6529

Oolala..well more precisely OlaLoa, just spent a week sampling OlaLoa Enenery Super Multi effercescent vitamin drink and I can't stop raving. I felt my energy surge after my first full drink. You simply empty the contacts of the little package in a glass, add cold water and voila you have 40 mineral complexes, amino acids and vitamin B-12 in one drink. It's the perfect remedy for the morning after I discovered. So if you enjoy clubbing, but not the next morning, pick up some of this miracle energizer.  For more info call 800-800-9550.

Hair Hair

Okay gals I found some snazzy hair products for keeping your tresses looking luscious and lustrous.  First among the group is an amazingly natural shampoo and conditioner from a Brazilian company called Surya Henna. It’s like good voodoo for the hairdo. Each product contains Preciosa essential oil from the Amazon Rain Forest, a gentle formula that leaves your hair silky and healthy looking.  In addition to a shampoo and condition designed the company offers a restructuring mask that helps put the moisture and elasticity back in your mane. If you have long, colored, sun soaked hair as I do, you’ll love these products, they really do restore the damage. And for those of you who need a little color they have Surya Henna in 15 shades that has no ammonia, peroxide or damaging chemicals.  It’s perfect for touching up the gray or just adding a boost to your color. And get this, they even have temporary tats  that are 100 percent plant based and last about 10 days. Perfect for those of us who want to look cool without the pain.  For additional info call: 877-99SURYA or go to: www.suryahenna.com.br.

 If you color you hair at home be sure to check out all the nifty new products from  Clairol. The nice'easy color boosting glaze  is amazing it keeps your color intact while leaving your hair shiny and silky. The product is a blend of Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil and vitamin E, no harmful drying peroxide or ammonia. You will love this stuff. Best part, it takes about five minutes ad costs about $8. Clairol's Herbal Essences Colorflirt mousse is also worth trying. It's a temp hair coloring that lasts for abut  a dozen shampoos and doesn't harm the hair. go to ww.clairol.com or call for into: 800-CLAIROL.

Now after using these natural products and getting good results you don’t want to undo it all with a harsh hair dryer, do you?  Well I found the perfect solution a new gadget from Remington called Wet@Straight that helps style, blow-dry and/or straighten your hair without drying it out. It’s a cool contraption with a  digital LCD display that works in a flash. It’s so light and handy you can take it anywhere, too. And the price is right at about $30 retail.

Get a Great Scent
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