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Great Gifts to say Bon Voyage

Great Gadgets, Gifts & Essentials For Travelers  My friend Marty enjoys sending gifts to friends and relatives wherever they travel.Marty usually contacts a hotel or cruise line directly and orders the pertinent present. He recently contacted three hotels in Greece and ordered bottles of wine to be placed each night in the room of a niece and her husband.“You can’t imagine how thrilled they were to find wine each time they checked into their room,” he beamed. There’s something so special about being greeted by a gift from a friend or relative w hen you check into a hotel in a foreign country or your stateroom on a ship. .While wine is certainly a welcome donation, I recently churned up my creative juices, along with my web browser in an attempt to find unique and interesting gift to bestow upon my traveling chums.My research not only unearthed a plethora of great gift ideas, I found lots of stuff for my globetrotting self.My first discovery was a tailored-made cookie bouquet from …

A really quirky, cool hotel

Hey get down to Palm Springs and check out the Parker Palm Springs hotel and Spa. The place is too quirky, too hip, too happening. And the spa is equally quirky. You don't even have to be quiet while waiting for treatments. In fact they ask you to whoop it up. Alas Mister Parker's restaurant isn't great, but Norma's is better. They even have salt water pools, great rooms and villas and oodles of ambiance.

Great LA Hotels

Okay get yourself into Shade, Manhattan Beach's hottest new bar/lounge/hotel. Man is this place hip and happening. The rooms are over the top with aromatherapy lighting in the Jacuzzi tub and around the room itself. It comes will all the Yuppie requirements of you know jet speed Internet, flat screen plasma TV's, in room espresso makers, more cotton in the bed linens that you can count, cylindrical glass fireplaces, balconies, super service and as I said a trendy lounge. Go to the bar and order small tastes from the menu, every morsel made our taste buds sing, no kidding. There's a rooftop pool and Yoga and stuff, but no real fitness center. Guests get day passes ($10) to Curves nearby. The hotel sits outside an upscale courtyard shopping complex where you can actually buy pastries, clothing and more for you dog. You read it right, dog, it has only doggie stuff. We're talking way over the top here. Anyhow check it out. There are 34 rooms at Shade. If you want address a…

Great Eats

The food and scene at Sterling Steakhouse in Hollywood is awesome. The steaks melt in your mouth. The eye candy's a treat too, especially after hours when cute guys and bare bellied beauties arrive. Check it out.Shula's Steakhouse at the Sheraton Gateway, now remodeled into a cool, hip spot and run by Kor Hotel Group, is also worth a trip.Love the room and food at the Tower Bar at the old Argyle Hotel, renamed the Tower Hotel which is was originally in the 1920s.Let me know if you try any of these spots.