Grab a little couple's time pampering at Estancia La Jolla Hotel & Spa

Cozy up in a poolside cabana with wine and Kopari Patti Pietschmann

La Jolla, California is a picture postcard pretty ocean front town. Quiet, upscale and perfect for a summer getaway, the town also houses a retreat with tranquil spa, Estancia La Jolla Hotel & Spa, that now offers signature poolside cabanas with Kopari, Meritage Collection resorts and coconut skincare brand. 

  Kopari has dramatically transformed the summer-ready cabanas at the palm tree lined pool deck into a one-of-a-kind outdoor spa experience that fast became a popular hangout or day-cation for those seeking a quick and relaxing getaway just a couple hours from Los Angeles. 
Kopari’s products--some of which are adored by supermodels such as  Karlie Kloss and Rosie Huntington Whitley are made from 100% organic coconut oil. 
Once at the spa you can begin to bliss out in a cabana stocked  with a sampling of  products as well as: •        Two Kopari Multi-tasking Mini Kits •        Two Signature Kopari beach towel…

How to get the most out of your health club membership

10 tips to achieve workout bliss from an avid Crunch fan

Patti Pietschmann
In the past 20 years I have belonged to half a dozen health clubs. And I had favorites.  My first love in Los Angeles was Jack LaLanne's which no longer exists.  I didn't love it but it was just down the street from the radio station where I worked and I could go on my lunch time. Then there was the Ambassador Hotel--also long gone--it was okay and again close to my office. And Bikram taught yoga there (which I did regularly). It also had a great spa for facials and massages.
Next came the Sports Connection and Sports Club LA by the same owners. Loved them both until they both closed and Crunch WeHo opened and stole my heart and body.  The main reason I joined Crunch was once again location. It's very close to where I live. I first went in on a free pass that came by mail and never left.  Why I continue my membership there is because I love the facility, classes, equipment and staff. It has this "…

Get 'purr-fect' eyes with new Burberry Cat Eye Liner and full brows (Videos for purr-fect app)

Your moment of beauty  ZenPatti Pietschmann

It's purr-fect-- Burberry Cat Eye Liner, the ultimate duo pen that helps create mesmerizing cat-eye effects, and Full Brows. The all-in-one tool for full and flawless brows women crave. 
“Burberry Cat Eye Liner allows you to create a really fine, precise eyeliner right at the roots of the upper lashes using the liquid end of the product to elongate the eye, whilst the eyeshadow end of the pen allows you to build effortless intensity. Full Brows works to define, fill and shape your brows to achieve natural looking definition. Both products have a convenient dual ended design, perfect for creating stunning and impactful eye looks on the go,” says — Burberry make-up artistic consultant, Wendy Rowe.
 The line-up
Burberry Cat Eye Liner – Jet Black No.01 – New $38 Burberry Cat Eye Liner – Chestnut Brown No.02 – New • Full Brows – Barley No.01 – New $38 Full Brows – Sepia No.02 – New $35 Full Brows – Ash Brown No.03 – New $35 Full Brows – …

Mercedes-Benz launches first male fragrance

If you can't afford to drive one you can still smell like a Mercedes Patti Pietschmann
Well it  doesn't actually smell like a car, but Mercedes-Benz First Fragrance for Men costs just $79 and diffuses the scent of luxury with citrus fruits (among others), bergamot from Calabria and mandarin orange from Italy. The heart of the fragrance plays on an exclusive contrast between the overabundant aquatic notes of cascalone® and the powdery accents of violet. The vibration is provided by spices, bourbon pepper and nutmeg, and galbanum.  The woody base notes mix essences of cedar, vetiver and patchouli that exude a warm masculinity.  The end result is a woody, floral and fresh fragrance packaged in a bottle shaped by the Mercedes-Benz brand

emblem with the famous three-pointed star.  Engraved in relief in the base of the bottle, the star brings this block of solid glass to life and outlines its cylindrical shape. The star appears again, embossed like a seal at the top of the heavy blac…

Dewy-eyed over new FarmHouse Fresh prebiotic/probiotic mask

An efficacious skin saver in a glass jarPatti Pietschmann, the Beauty Guru

(pre·bi·ot·ic--a nondigestible food ingredient that promotes the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the intestines. pro·bi·ot·ic--a probiotic substance or a preparation,  microorganism introduced into the body for its beneficial qualities). Put the two together and you've got the fabulous, new FarmHouse Fresh Will Dew facial mask, one of the most amazing I've sampled in awhile. The texture feels like silk, the scent is so light with a hint of  baby power. After one use the skin on my face perked up, looked more moist and even smoothed out some fine lines. I even used it on my hands and they came out so soft and smooth. "Will Dew™has healthy bacteria to help maintain skin's natural microflora, which contributes to moisturization, a dewy soft finish and glowing complexions. Healthy bacteria are also great for acne-prone skin and those who are sensitive, as it calms skin irritations."
Thank y…

Beaching it with cool Coppertone sun protectors

Save your skin while you enjoy the sun with industry's most trusted products

Patti Pietschmann

Coppertone just sent me some fab suncare products that I had to share with all my fellow water/sun babies. The brand has been around for ages (73 years actually) and continues to provide true and trusted products that save your skin.  I tried them all and even packed some away fo my next trip to Maui where we go twice a year and spend lots of time under the sun in the blue Pacific.

The newest entry is the Whipped Collection and I'm loving it. What a luscious sensation it is going on. There's just a slight hint of scent. Using the SPF 30 today in a hot LA sun by the pool and feel so safe fom burn or possible skin damage. But I don't recommend laying in the sun for long periods between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. when rays are strongest.

The company, which has been around forever, is one of most trusted names in sun protection products. And with summertime living in full swing at the be…

Beauty Guru's moment of Zen: Curious Apothecary Noche Nuit perfume

Introducing Noche Nuit | Night Night perfume by Curious Apothecary. Evocative sultry tuberose floral. A rich and hypnotic scent. Intro promo pricing  Here it is your moment of fragrance Zen.....
Noche Nuit perfume by Curious Apothecary. Evocative sultry tuberose floral. A rich and hypnotic scent.

Also new in shop - Natural Luxe Mineral Vegan Deodorant--essential oil scented, baking soda free, potassium alum free, shea butter free.
Luxe deodorant with cocoa butter, and glides on silky with a non greasy feel. No white residue and smells great.