KEHLANI teams up with MAKE UP FOR EVER (Video)

Team launches two new collections Patti Pietschmann reporting

MAKE UP FOR EVER and R&B sensation KEHLANI have joined forces for the launch of two new, high performance, long-wear, waterproof color collections for the eyes. AQUA XLCOLOR PAINT cream eye shadows and AQUA XLINK LINER liquid eyeliners, available worldwide May 2017. The products, which includes the launch of two collections within MAKE UP FOR EVER'sAQUA XL franchise, provides KEHLANI with makeup artists and makeup for all her artistic endeavors, including tour dates and shoots. KEHLANI stars in the 2017 AQUA XLcampaign visual and videos, produced in partnership with MAKE UP FOR EVER. "MAKE UP FOR EVER makes me feel powerful on stage because I feel like I look good - like I look like myself, so I can be confident and have fun. I also know MAKE UP FOR EVERmakeup is not going to melt or come off while I'm performing, so I don't have to think about what's happening with my makeup," said KEHLANI. &q…
Time to shop for Mother’s Day gift By Patti Pietschmann And here are some fine ideas:Fashionista finds: Bling her up with pieces by celebrity jewelry designer Margo Manhattan, whose clientele includes Beyonce, Selena Gomez and Amber Heard. Margo’s pieces include her signature Passion Collection that features her renowned Passion Rings that Selena Gomez purchased for herself and her Mother. The High Spirit Collection features the Fiori Necklace which was worn by BeyoncĂ© in her Blow music video. Margo’s collections are edgy yet chic with a rock ‘n’ roll vibe; there is something in her collections for everyone.  Margo’s famous designs are available on her e-commerce website and her recent collection created exclusively for HSN can be viewed at Give the gift of beauty at Angelo David SalonShe will love the personalized attention as she gets the  volume, length, color and look for her. As the innovator of Couture Hair™ Extensions & Additions, Angelo Da…

Whiten teeth and brighten smile with revolutionary DYI Popwhite

DYI WHITENING toner + ORAL RINSE Reported by Patti Pietschmann
POPWHITE was created by  an innovative makeup artist and an experienced dental scientist who  had  the bright idea to whiten smiles by infusing premium oral care products with an extraordinary purple formula. POPWHITE features a natural, patented formula which is proven to whiten natural and artificial teeth safely and gradually. Clinical trials demonstrated that POPWHITE primer and POPWHITE toner, when used together twice a day for fourteen days, whiten teeth an average of four shades. ·Color Correcting – Power of Purple Formula·Peroxide Free·Infused with Xylitol, Coconut Oil & Peppermint Oil       Gives glossy bright teeth  a silky polished        Freshens breath, re  
How to use:  After brushing with POPWHITE primer, rinse thoroughly using POPWHITE toner. For best results use  twice a day, every day. Cost's just $36 for both, cheaper and easier than clinical care.  I just started using it two days ago after getting t…

Jewelry purveyor Sterling Forever means just that

Online site will  fix it or replace it free Patti Pietschmann

Had fun today at a kind of swag beauty event put on by a Loss Angeles firm Charmed PR. A product  from Sterling Forever  caught my eye-- a shiny silver ankle bracelet.  The bling took on further meaning after I got  it home. While taking it out of the box to put  on I noted a card that said they guaranteed their jewelry forever and will replace it or fix it FREE.  My kind of company.

FlopZ Ltd. flip-flops your feet will thank you for

Gel coated, comfortable flip-flops that go from beach to bar

Patti Pietschmann
Whether you're headed to Maui, on a cruise or just strolling around town this summer you rally need to get a pair of flopZ Ltd. for your feet.  So comfy and chi looking they will take you anywhere.
The 'slippers' as they are called in Hawaii or flip-flops sell for roughly $38 and come with a handy tote bag.
First launched in May 2014 with its Coral Collection of vibrantly colorful, comfortable flip flops, the casual chic footwear is now available on line and at some of he  most exclusive resorts and spas in the world. Conceived by Aga and Alan over several beers, holiday banter and laughing about Aga's mispronunciation of 'fish flops'... a creative spark was ignited and we thought what a great idea it would be to create flip flops which have the unique luminescence of tropical fish and coral reefs  (and yes, they say... we still thought so the next day!) 'We ran with our idea fo…

Clarisonic creates sensational Sonic Foundation Brush for flawless makeup (Video)

Here it is your moment of beauty Zen: the Sonic Foundation Brush-- Clarisonic's first micro-blending makeup brush that transforms every Clarisonic cleansing device into a makeup applicator – helping people cleanse and blend their way to flawless-looking skin. (Watch the video I placed at the end of this article). The Sonic Foundation Brush utilizes Clarisonic's patented oscillation technology to generate more than 18,000 micro-blends per minute, gently buffing the skin for an airbrushed, full-coverage look. The blend of bristle sizes – some soft and thin for blending, others firm and thick for precision – spread and evenly apply liquid makeup for the perfect blending, contouring or strobing effect in 60 seconds. Equipped with specially designed nonporous fibers, the brush head absorbs minimal formula to prevent clumping and reduce foundation waste. The  Sonic Foundation Brush has been proven to provide better coverage and blending than hands alone. When compared to a makeup s…

For the softest hands ever get Camille Beckman Glycerine Hand Therapy

It smells so good and leave skin so silky 

Patti Pietschmann

I don't always love every product I try but Glycerine Hand Therapy is the bomb! I love its spring-like scent and how soft my hands feel after application. FYI I also use it on my feet and it feels like I just had a spa pedicure.

 The Glycerine Hand Therapy  also is designed to help heal and restore the most dry, cracked and painful skin to its original glory within one use. It sells for $13.95 online via Put it in someone's Easter Basket or get some for a Mother's Day gift in May. She'll love it.